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A Number 1 Bestseller in British Poetry
"The Most Original War Poetry In A Generation"

Not your typical book of war poetry, these verses rather examine the feelings and emotions which lie, often hidden, behind the face of war and conflict. Snapshots exploring the perspectives of different genders, ages, and ethical views blend together to present a powerful and poignant picture of how war affects humans-individually, as groups, and even as the human race. Those fighting, those left at home, those who suffer both emotional, mental and physical loss, and those who refuse to fight are all represented with no accusation or discrimination, rather with understanding. The words grapple with matters of the head, and of the heart, and refuse to shy away from the stark reality of war, describing eloquently both comradeship and loneliness, patriotism and futility, love and loss.

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The Lies We Tell Ourselves When We Are In Love

“If ever there was a perfect match it would be love and poetry: the countless interpretations of love matched only by the infinite capacity of poetry to embrace it.

Love Lies Within is a bittersweet union with Myers serving us straightforward romantic paean to marvellous effect. From lost love to unrequited love, to the sacrifices made in the name of it, to the heroic deeds that elevate it to mythical proportions. He runs the gamut of emotions.

Lifts us up and leaves us bereft in the space of a few brief lines or has us hanging on every word with epics like The Kiss and The Fallen. Myers courts us with intimate descriptions of time with, and away from a lover, which strike a chord in those have felt the intense first flush of love, or the desolation of separation. Tragic, cautionary, and wholly unforgettable, this is poetry for lovers and for those in search of the perfect words to express how they feel.

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We hear stories of children living in poverty,
but what do we do?

The moral of The Prayer is simple. Be generous at Christmas and enjoy what you have but always remember those less fortunate than yourself. 

With technology developing at a record pace and kids mastering iPads long before their first day at school, we are more connected than ever before and yet increasingly insular as we create more and more virtual friendships. Connecting behind closed doors we often forget to look outside our windows and see the plight of those less fortunate and it’s more important than ever to instil a sense of compassion in young minds.

With over 250k downloads and paperback copies sold across the world, The Prayer has fast become a Christmas favourite with its rhyming verse and wonderful watercolour illustrations. If you loved A Christmas Carol or The Little Match Girl you will love The Prayer with £1 from every book sold being donated to children’s charities.

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