A Bear Called Ted quarter turn
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A Bear Called Ted

“Perhaps you should take him upstairs for a bath said Gran with a wink and she started to laugh.

Scrub him with bubbles, make sure that he’s dry, then get off to bed she said with a sigh. 

With all the dirt gone he sat on her bed, his eyes shining blue, in his paw something red.”

In `A Bear Called Ted` Stephan J Myers tells the story of how Ted came to be with Loss. Not brought as a present, or from a store, Ted simply appears on Loss`s doorstep just before bedtime one evening, looking grubby with a sticky red plaster on his head and a suitcase. Gran doesn`t seem surprised so they wash him and Loss takes him to bed. Falling asleep Ted appears in her dreams as she wonders who he is, and what adventures he may have had before coming to be with her. Myers cute endearing images will captivate a younger audience as we see Ted in many different guises, from magician to pilot, artist and space-man, not to mention a knight in shining armour. The tale ends with Loss waking and deciding that Ted will be her true and best friend and companion, thus setting the scene for the `Colour` series.

Scheduled for release December 2019 A Bear Called Ted includes teaser chapters for the forthcoming Whisperers In The Dark.

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