“When we close our hearts to the belief that magic is real, we will never find it!”

Loss and Ted Without3
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The Other Books In This Series

new cover7
The Colour Gold no border
The Colour Blue

The Colour Red Plotters Edition

“Now fast asleep, I recall I flew, over valleys green and rivers blue.

Over snowy hills and mountains high, all beneath a starry sky.

With only moonlight to light my way, I found a place where snowmen play.”

The first of Stephan J Myers Children`s books has been remastered in `The Colour Red-Plotters Edition` to include the search for a secret key. With an amazing prize for the reader who discovers its whereabouts, along with `The truth about Loss and Ted` a strange tale for mum and dad about how Loss and Ted came to be. Also included are the first few chapters of the soon to be released `Clockwork Emporium`, which contains Ted’s back story.

In the delightfully rhyming `The Colour Red` we are introduced to Loss and Ted, greatest of companions, who live with Loss`s grandmother in her country cottage complete with roaring fire and wing back chairs! The first of the strange unexplained happenings that culminate in magical adventures for Loss sees a strange man in a tall red hat who gives Loss a book of dreams, sparking a snowy nighttime adventure that crosses over to real life. The superb illustrations compliment the story perfectly, with wonderful warmth and detail. Topping Amazon’s children books charts on release, this tale will provide little ones with an adventure they can return to time and time again.


Loss & Ted books are available from all online book retailers and high street book shops in standard print formats BUT we want to put the magic back into children’s books and make them something to cherish for years to come. That’s why when you buy a book from this site it is not only signed, it comes with a limited edition bookmark for the same recommended retail price. Furthermore £1 of every book sold is donated to children in need.

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