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Christmas is always over far too quick so we wanted to do something  special to keep the spirit alive throughout the year!

That’s why when you buy a copy of The Colour Red Plotters Edition before December 1st 2020 we will give you a FREE SIGNED SPECIAL EDITION copy of A BEAR CALLED TED It will be a collectors edition and will never be available in the same format for sale so you will have something truly special to share with your young reader.

Just make your purchase on the link below then return back to this page and click on CLAIM MY FREE BOOK where you can also find terms and conditions of offer. Easy peasy lemon squeasy!

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Bursting With Magic On Every Page!

“Loss De Plott & The Colour Red is, at its core, about the creativity that lives in the heart of every child.”

What Mums & Dads Are Saying About Loss & Ted

A Treasure To Be Found. A Mystery To Be Solved!

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Discover The Truth About Loss & Ted! Only In The Colour Red Plotters Edition

“Oh yes, what marvellous toys they were. Perfectly assembled and carefully chosen, a delight for children who would one day be lucky enough to own one. Yet for all that, they would have been no more than clever mechanical creations, if not for the presence of a magical talisman within each and every one of them. Created by a magic known only to Horace Cavelle and a secret he kept buried so deep within the Emporium that it was his and his alone, there was no doubt that every toy was very special. Sometimes, however, a toy would appear that seemed strangely out of place!”

Available from all booksellers in standard print  or for the same price through this website with a delux matt cover, remastered colour illustrations and an exclusive limited edition bookmark. Just anywhere click on the button below.

Coming 2020

“There are different kinds of magic and you will no doubt have read about witches and wizards, even the odd school or two where magic is taught, but time magic as I have come to call it, comes from an altogether different place and must be protected at all costs. There are rules, spells and bindings, with everything a toy needs for mastering the magic of time to be found in the Emporium’s rule book. Of course, this takes many years of practice and it’s fair to say that Ted didn’t get off to a very good start. In the first week with his new wand, he managed to create a time loop which left him walking through the same door over and over again! To make matters worse, it had been the door to the Emporium’s kitchen where the heavenly smell of honey, cinnamon and hot baked bread had been wafting through the air. A truly wonderful tummy-rumbling, tongue-teasingly good combination and far too much for Ted to resist!”

A Bear Called Ted Spine4

“Scrub him with bubbles, make sure that he’s dry, then get off to bed,” she said with a sigh.

A Bear Called Ted Spine3


“Head on her pillow, in dreams she could see, all of the things that she thought he might be. 

Faraway places, adventures of old, snuggled together, a night dark and cold. 

Was he a bear who flew to the stars, on past the moon and landed on Mars?”

Wearing a suit with a bowl on his head, a suit coloured blue, with the name Captain Ted!

Coming Christmas 2020!

Loss & Ted books are available from all online book retailers and high street book shops in standard print formats BUT we want to put the magic back into children’s books and make them something to cherish for years to come. That’s why when you buy a book from this site it is not only signed, it comes with a limited edition bookmark for the same recommended retail price. Furthermore £1 of every book sold is donated to children in need.

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