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The Prayer

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"You rise to dress, no backward glance, addicted to this game of chance.

        No need for names, you close the door, no hollow words, your steps so sure."



The best poetry books linger in the memory, the best poems make an emotional connection with their readers but deep love poems always have a special place in our hearts. Few of us remain untouched by love and yet we often find ourselves searching for the right words to express how we feel.


Whether they are simple 'I Love You Poems', Love Poems For Her or Love Poems For Him, sad love poetry or true love poems, the greatest love poems are read again and again by successive generations.


I wanted to do more than simply pen another book of poetry. I wanted to write reflections that echoed the relationship renaissance that continues to emerge from long-held and antiquated beliefs about right and wrong. To find a level of intimacy which conveyed the fears and rapture that comes with embracing our innermost desires. Masquerade, Dear Writer and Evermore, these and more are intended as reminders that love is the most complex of emotions. That there are times when the lines between love and lust become blurred and darker thoughts find us walking a different path than the one we intended.

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How can it be that in the 21st century in the UK & USA young people can be found sleeping rough every night – in parks, doorways, under over passes and worse. But these are just the ones we see and there are thousands more we don't. Always on the move, sleeping on buses, kipping down in the homes of strangers. Living on a knife edge they're escaping abuse, violence and fear. Many are homeless because they simply have no family and the 'system' has let them down.


Whatever the homeless statistics are in 2018 they are too high. Shelters for women and children are stretched to capacity and homeless services are chronically underfunded. Helping the homeless and ensuring homeless children are given a safe and secure environment is absolutely essential. Homeless charities do an amazing job but they need our help to take children off the street. That 's why all profits from The Prayer throughout 2018 will be donated to Children In Need.


Since its release The Prayer has reached hundreds of thousands of readers around the world and with your help, we can now join together to help a truly worthwhile cause.


The Prayer can be purchased from traditional book retailors or found in ebook and paperback format on the links below. It's had hundreds of tremendous reviews and you can even gift a signed paperback copy to a friend for free. Full details can be found inside.

A No1 Bestseller

Helping Children In Need

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The Gift Of


The Gift Of


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The imaginations of children across the globe are made on the laps of their parents. As Neil Gaiman said, “ The simplest way to make sure that we raise literate children is to show them that reading is a pleasure activity. And that means finding books that they enjoy, giving them access to those books and letting them read them. It is during these times that they not only learn the language of books but the sounds of the language they speak.  To discover their own distinct voices, use words they would not normally hear, and discover how one set of words can have a number of interpretations depending on the emphasis. They learn the impact of pauses and expression as well as complete and complex sentence structures.


Stories told in rhyme remain forever popular.  Young children like rhythm, rhyme and repetition, and themes of families, friends and in particular bears! In the very best picture books, the text and illustrations are integrated, each dependent on the other, and much of the meaning is missed if the pictures are too small.


Illustrations help the children orient themselves to the setting of the story and help them make sense of what is happening, especially if the setting in new and magical settings. As parents reading to young children, the key to being successful is to be as expressive as possible, to let our inhibitions go so that the children have a moving and memorable experience. And it this critical need that makes Loss and Ted so very different from other books you have read. With their classical watercolour illustration te rhymes are quick to recall whilst the novels are reminiscent of the age-old classic we read as children but there is much more. For hidden in each book are the clues to a hidden key. A  treasure hunt not designed for children but their parents! Hidden in the illustrations and words with the prize increasing with each book sold. To find out more abou the origins of Loss, Ted and begin your hunt for the first hidden key click below to get started.

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5 STARS - So much in this book, as with all Stephan j Myers offerings. Where do I start? Children always love a rhyming story and my little people were no exception, asking me to repeat some verses just for how they sounded. Loss and Ted's adventure takes us from their cozy fireside and home which is beautifully and warmly illustrated, to a snowy adventure, all tied up within a mystery of colours and a magic book. Parents will enjoy reading this as much as their children will enjoy hearing it!

5 STARS - The Colour Red is a wonderfully engaging tale that carries you along to a melody all of its own. In The Colour Red we first meet Loss de Plott and Loss takes us on a captivating journey to find the 'strangest man' and discover why he doesn't speak. The Colour Red is a tale that highlights the wonderful way in which children see the world differently from adults. The Colour Red and Loss de Plott help us to remember what it was like to be so innocent; so full of hope; and so accepting. An excellent, enjoyable, engaging and exquisite read. Do not miss out!

5 STARS - Beautiful book!- This poetry is honest and soul searching, and both the poems and reflections give insight into the writers thoughts as he penned them. He touches on both the security and joy of love, but also it's fragility, which lays us open to loss, regret, and even judgement. Stephan j Myers does indeed reach across the divide and touch heart and mind. If you are a frustrated poet, he will make you want to write. If you are tired of love, he will make you want to find it. All aspects of love are touched on, romantic, family and principled, and his reflections will definately make you think about the importance of connection and taking a risk on love. After all are we really human without it?

5 STARS - Absolutely loved it! I didn't want this book to end. Every poem struck a chord with me, and I could really relate to each poem. The illustrations alongside are just superb too! One particular poem made me get knots in my stomach as it reminded me of certain times in my own life, but then when reading the next poem I found myself having completely different feelings. I have every one of this authors books now and my two daughters also love his stories. This particular book is heart warming, well written and every word means something.......whether it be sad or happy. This book made me 'feel' which is something I have never experienced before whilst reading. A definite must for any person who loves the idea of true love and what it stands is simply lovely to read!

5 STARS - “Of all the wondrous things to touch our lives, can anything be as self-fulfilling as love?” Stephan J. Myers will touch your mind and heart with this eclectic collection of reflections that found form in the authors darkest of hours. “Love Lies within” is a brilliantly written book from start to finish. It's a book of beautiful, moving and sometimes heart breaking collection of verse - referring to the subject which is dear to our hearts. . .LOVE. This is a book that will be kept close at hand on my bedside table since it will be read often. “Love Lies within” What an absolutely gem of a book!

5 STARS - Being a numpty, I didn't spot that this was a poetry book - I was too enticed by the fabulous cover and I really wanted to read an adult book by this author, so impressed was I by his writing for children. Normally, poetry has me tip-toeing back out of the door, hoping no-one spotted me entering, but this was the sort of poetry which slides over your skin leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. The sort that conjures up images so powerful they stay with you for a while.

5 STARS - What a beautiful, evocative book that so completely encompasses the plight of those less fortunate than us. Each carefully chosen word melts into the next, a haunting melody of emotion that will make you feel the chill of the snow, and almost feel the roar of the fire as the little boy looks into the windows of the Christmas adorned homes. How sad to think that there are still those who cannot experience what the majority of us do at this most, wonderful time of the year.


The artwork that accompanies this work is simply stunning. Beautifully detailed, the colours pop off the page.


A heartbreaking work of art for a truly special, and worthwhile cause. Thank you.



5 STARS - Stephan Myers is an eclectic and versatile artist, whose writing and illustrations hail from another era, though they bear clear relevance today. In The Prayer, he composes and illustrates a heartfelt Christmas story that feels richly Victorian, not only in its rhyming verse, but also in its darkness. In spite of the old world feel, however, The Prayer also delivers an urgent contemporary message of deep morality with respect to today’s global refugees and domestic homeless. Throughout the book, Myers sustains an eerie tone, almost a warning, of what desperation lurks outside our doors as we blindly feast. His illustrations are skillfully rendered—beautiful yet haunting. Although I feel that the verse is best read aloud to children, its message would no doubt alarm them unless delivered with a post-script from the author revealing his intentions to donate the 2018 proceeds from this book to the homeless. This generosity serves as a magnificent and effective charitable lesson to all readers. I applaud Stephan for his unique and fearless dip into a Dickensian past to deliver an utterly necessary message for the present - International Award Winning Author Rea Nolan Martin

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By Stephan J Myers

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Announcing the release of The Fallen on November 1st 2018